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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Thoughts on Learning to Cook

Actually, this is hilarious.

It happened on my birthday one year, but I was trying to cook on a stovetop and the stove caught fire. Not knowing really what to do, I called for fire services, and then I reached over the flames and turned the stove off. Of course, by the time the fire truck and fire chief arrived, the fire was gone, but they still checked around to make sure there wasn't faulty wiring.

Anyway, ever since then I've been kind of scared of cooking on the stove. I can bake like there's no tomorrow, just not cook, unless you count microwave cooking.

But, recently, I have developed a really bad wheat allergy that is now so bad that I get asthma attacks if I eat anything that has wheat in it. It used to only affect my gut.

In light of the wheat allergy, I have been shifting into the gluten free diet.

It turns out my first meal that I cooked, and by the way, most of it requires boiling water, which I apparently am not good at, is gluten free spaghetti made from Quinoa noodles.

But, I'm a big spaghetti person. I eat mostly Meditteranean and flexatarian diets.

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