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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Why I Refuse to Use "People First" Language

1. It is insulting. It makes it sound like our disabilities are diseases when they are not. I have asthma. Yes, it is a disease. Of the lungs. But I am asthmatic. I have autism. Although a processing disorder, it is not a disease. I am autistic. 

2. It is degrading. People first language feels degrading because the people who insist that we use it are belittling us for using identity-first language.

3. It strips away my identity. Again, it makes our disabikities sound like a disease. It doesn't recognize that many of us have accepted our disabilities as part of who we are. I have autism, but I AM autistic. I identify my autism as an ingrained part of what makes me WHO I am; therefore, I identify as autistic. The Deaf identifies themselves as a culture. When you insist on calling the deaf "people who are deaf," you steal their cultural identification. They are Deaf, deaf, or deaf people. I am hard of hearing or a hard of hearing person. 

4. It is clunky. Just as it says. People first language uses too many words. This is worse than our cultures. 

5. It is awkward. Refer back to number 4.

6. It is not being used by those who actually have disabilities. If you ask most of us who actually have these disabilities and have found our way of communications, we will all tell you first hand that "people-first" language, though originally well-meaning, is the most offensive language we have ever encountered. We will often correct you and tell you what we want to be called and it is usually always identity-first language. He is autistic. She is deaf or she is a deaf person. He is a cancer patient. She is an ADHDer. Do you call an artist a person who has artistic abilities or a teacher a person who teachers or a musician a person who has musical gifting? No? Then stop trying to do it to us in the disability community. We don't need that.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

This Blogger Will Not Be Threatened

As I was checking on another blog, I found a threat posted to this blog because I blew the whistle about some nasty things that I have observed continuance of. Thank goodness, Facebook has finally allowed people to block pages. It was past time since one can no longer see page administrators. I marked the threat as spam so it could be deleted. I will not be threatened by anyway for anything when it comes to journalistic integrity and reporting the truth on any blog that I write. Anyone who threatens me will be considered a spammer and a threat to the principles of freedom of speech and expression. 

Tuesday, March 4, 2014


It is time that I take serious action about something. And I have just done a level three escalation about the situation to my local authorities.

First, I am going to explain something.

Healthcare.gov has a Facebook page. When it first began, the administrators were very diligent. People seeking information could go there. People who managed to have success with the website could share their stories there. Everything was going well. 

UNTIL some of the so-called "conservatives" began harassing and bullying these people. Yes, you read that right. Harassing and bullying. 

Now what do you do if you are being harassed and bullied? You block the person right? 

So that has been happening. 

Only problem - these people that are being blocked are turning around creating FAKE pages so they can't be blocked, and their pages are being created with one purpose: HARASS and BULLY. 

It is a violation of the Facebook Terms of Service. They know it and they don't care. It is illegal. They know it and they don't care. 

Report the page. Facebook does nothing. 

Report the comments. Facebook might ban the person behind the page for 12 hours and then the COWARD behind the FAKE page is right back at it.

And it is TARGETED.

Here are some of the page names:

Society for the Real - comments on just about everything and is the one that warranted the escalated report today due to the fact that guess what, I wasn't even on the Healthcare.gov page today except to like the story they posted about an individual who was saved from bankruptcy because she got insurance his year. And when I looked at it again, I found that he had high jacked a post that was made in a group and reported over there. I will provide the photo evidence. The post asked how it was even legal for them to be doing what they are doing when what they are doing is in clear violation of the Facebook Terms of Service.

Other FAKE pages that have been set up for the sole purpose of bullying and harassing include:

Tea for America
Truth Seekers
Women Against Obamacare
Demorrhoid Freakfest
Hoolio Mastigo, M.D.
Big Girl Panties
Not voting for Monica Lewinsky ex boyfriend's wife
The Well-Armed American
Affordable Health Insurance
Hairy Reid
Reality Check
Mrs Darcy
I Love My Country, Don't Trust My Government
Tabatha Travares - resurrected herself as a page after being blocked as a person - still harassing me
Non ACA Compliant - using the same exact language as Society for the Real
Blondes United - Suspect this was created by the THREE Anna Blondes
Society for the prevention of liberal lunacy (absolute lunacy itself)

There are many others as well. I challenge anyone to go on the Healthcare.gov page and see what these "conservatives" are doing and then seriously ask themselves why on earth would anyone with a brain or compassion ever vote conservative again after all of that bullying and harassing going on?

Blocked people from that page include THREE profiles under Anna Blonde, Leigh Lajaunie Wilkerson, Shelby Mustang, Daisy Apple, Marianne Ashton, Kane Roberts, John C. Kirsch, Malika Holmes, Peggy Politics, Andy Doyle, Mary C Michaels Ceo, Greg Romane, Barb Schaub, Valarie Murphy, Jessica Neveton, Kathie Church, Happy Ascanbee, Pamela Weishuhn, Tim Sanders

That bottom comment is the proof. Sorry but if you got blocked, it was because someone felt they were harassed by you. This new page form has already harassed me when I wasn't even active! 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Coming to Terms

Oh my word! The last several months have been a whirlwind for me! You see, I learned I have autism spectrum disorder, more specifically Asperger's or high-functioning autism. And I still have a lot to learn! As do those around me. Acceptance. Awareness. Education. Understanding. Inclusion. Those are the words that I am challenged with right now. Social skills. Something that is challenging. Communication. Something to be improved in some ways more than others. That's all I really have to say right now.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Burt's Bees Sensitive Skin Line

I received a BzzKit of two full size products in the new Burt's Bees Sensitive Skin Line - a cleanser and a moisturizer. It is one of the perks of being a BzzAgent.

I had high expectations of the products since I already use Burt's Bees and have a passion for their products. Being that I have sensitive skin, it was even more of a plus for me.

I tried it out and I loved that the products did not further irritate my already red and inflamed skin. I do plan to buy more of it in the future and spread the word about them as well.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Apparently Ping needs to add Google+. And here I thought Blogger was behind....

Monday, March 21, 2011

Upcoming Event

If you are interested in perhaps one of the biggest FREE events (outside of Alabaster's CityFest in June) in the Birmingham area, come to StadiumFest Saturday, April 2, 2011. The event will be held at Spain Park High School and will have a children's play area. Christian group Casting Crowns and Christian artist TobyMac are the headliners along with several local "celebrities," like Rick and "Bubba," Kevin Derryberry and James Spann the weatherman from ABC 33/40. By the way, they would like as many volunteers as they can get, so consider contacting them about volunteering your time before, during or after the AWESOME music as well as enjoying the FREE event. It's really NOT too often that I get THIS excited over upcoming events, but this one merits the excitement. And if you do come, look for me over in the children's area where I will be volunteering before going to see TobyMac whose music has been an inspiration and an encouragement since I got diagnosed with my immune deficiency almost a year ago. And in case you're wondering who TobyMac is, most of the more mature people may recall the Christian group DCTalk. I will post more information and links in the days to come when I can access a computer, but for now, consider this a preview until after I see my primary medical doctor about some rather intense upper right quadrant pain that needs prayers.
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